Gamal Sholqamy

Natural Flavours

47 years of the best grilled experience with an international taste made Gamal Sholqamy
Be ready to embark on a unique journey and taste.



Sholqami Restaurant dates back to a long history of more than 47 years. The restaurant's journey began with Hajj Jamal Sholqami from a small cart serving the best mutton in its geographical area, and succeeded to be the regionally known restaurant in the Middle East, which is an attractive point for tourism, celebrities, and the distinctive Egyptian lamb. We are proud of our restaurant's success in overcoming various obstacles and challenges, as well as its prosperity to be at the top of the service field in restaurants, bearing in mind that there are many distinguished competitors in the Middle East region.



  • Excellent Customer Services.
  • Agile delivery around the clock.
  • Mastering the Food and Beverage industry.
  • Best hospitality and motivated personnel.
  • Authentic and unique atmosphere and environment.
  • Excellence in all details and services.